Monday, November 24, 2008

Elder Martinsen

I forgot I even had a blog until a minute ago..! If anyone even reads this, I would like to annouce that my mission papers have been sent to Salt Lake!

I had a dream last night that I got called to Deleware. But I dont think it was a valid dream because the ending was kinda innapropriate... just kidding haha. but seriously.

I have never been so joyful about the gospel. I have literally been up all night long reading about Joseph Smith, and from the Book of Mormon. ( even ask my family! )

Im so thankful for all of my aunts and uncles that are so strong and a great example to me.



Twinmama+one said...

that is so exciting Alex!! I can't wait to hear where you are called to!!

auntie D

Matthew said...

I'm jealous Alex. Truly.

McLelland Family said...

Congrats on your mission call!! St Louis! That was an awesome experience for our family to be on the phone listening to you read the letter. You will be a great representative of the Lord. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

Uncle Shawn

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Hey! PUNK!! I didn't know you had one of these! . . . um . . . i love it!! And your not a punk, I love you!